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Click on the link  below to read/download the most recent report from the Alliance of Retired Public Servants.


The Alliance represents over 14,000 retired Public Servants (Gardai, Defence Forces, Nurses, Teachers, Civil Servants etc.)  The RSTA representative on the Alliance is Carmel Heneghan, immediate Past President. The two links below contain her reports to the National Committee at their recent meeting on two meetings of the Alliance.

The first meeting was with Bríd Smith TD on 1st November 2019 on the important issue of representation for retired workers.  Current legislation precludes Unions from representing retired members.

The second meeting with DEPRA on 5th November 2019 covers a range of issues including pension restoration, pay parity etc.

Further information on the Alliance activities is available in the Pensions/Alliance section of this website.



Update on Proposals to Restore Public Service Pensions - September 2017

The Alliance has met recently to consider a letter from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform containing detailed proposals on restoration of public service pensions. Read the full text of the letter here: (letter from DEPRA)

Full details of the Alliance response to the letter are available on the Alliance website at


The Council of the Alliance has been engaged in a campaign of lobbying since its foundation but many council members felt that a more professional approach was needed.  Montague Communications were engaged and council members are being advised on effective communication and lobbying techniques. The new Alliance website will be a useful source of information on the pensions' campaign.  We recommend to our members the 'Submissions and Publications' page on the site for a comprehensive overview of the impact of FEMPI legislation and the case being promoted for fair and equitable treatment for retired public servants.

REPORT FROM ALLIANCE:  RSTA delegates to the Alliance of Retired Public Servants reported to the November 28th meeting of the RSTA National Committee.  Read the report here.

RSTA President, Carmel Heneghan, has written to the Alliance of Retired Public Servants in response to their request for the stated position of RSTA on the issue of Pension Party.  The full text of the President's letter is available in the following link: Response_to_Alliance.pdf

Following consultation with the constituent pensions organistiaons the Alliance of Retired Public Servants issued the following response to the Ministers Statement.  To read the response click here

On the invitation of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform the Alliance of Retired Public Servants made a Submission in May 2015 on the ending of public service pension reductions.  While not directly related to pension reductions the Submission also renewed the call for an end to discrimination against public service pensioners in relation to the application of the Universal Social Charge (USC). Private sector pensioners pay no USC on the state pension element of their pensions.


Alliance of Retired Public Servants  - Newsletter 2015

The first Newsletter published by the Alliance is now available.   Click here to read the Alliance Newsletter and keep up to date with pension-related developments.